Our Approach

We will not allow any single deal feature to define the answer.


Our Approach

We will not allow any single deal feature to define the answer.


Our Approach

We will not allow any single deal feature to define the answer.


In May 2018 Cullaun Capital entered the market with competitive financing for developers who have a track record of delivering quality.

We will support small, medium and large sized multi-unit housing developments, whether houses and apartments for individual sale or institutional purchase across private, social housing and student accommodation types. We also support the development of nursing homes.

We are supportive of schemes which require commercial amenities and those where changes in the existing planning permission is part of the transaction. We will support planning bridges on land. We believe in the right circumstances a speculative office or an industrial scheme can be the right approach.

If a development finance project of any sort has an interesting risk/reward profile, we will give it serious consideration.

For any size of developer who has relevant experience and a track record of delivering quality;

  • We can offer senior and stretched senior lending to 90% of overall project costs or 70% of development value.
  • We can provide facilities of any size from €2m up to the largest multi-phase and multi-year build programmes.

In assessing any scheme we believe that;

  • It is critical to consider the liquidity of the whatever is built within its micro market, not in broad geographies.
  • Pricing should be risk-based and relate to the specific scheme and there should not be a “rate card” approach.
  • We should recognise that many developers may want to bring alternative sources of equity into transactions.


Our Dublin based team is in a position to provide quality, timely feedback on proposals received. Once Cullaun Capital has all the information, we will make speedy and consistent decisions with a commitment to:

  • A “no surprises” strategy.
  • Focus on understanding the developer’s business plan, tailoring our solution to what is required.
  • Giving certainty, consistency and confidence through a combination of the experience of the team and the backing of Sixth Street Partners.
  • Our team have a track record of building long-lasting relationships that have seen us work alongside developers over multiple different schemes.

Together with our partners at Sixth Street our vision is to support developers in a wide range of assets classes across Ireland in the coming years.

Please get in touch.

We would be delighted to discuss your development proposals.