Welcome to Cullaun Capital

Providing highly tailored development finance solutions to developers in Ireland.


Welcome to Cullaun Capital

Helping our partners succeed by delivering certainty, swift decisions and bespoke solutions.


Welcome to Cullaun Capital

Giving confidence to developers to address and tackle Ireland’s shortage of housing supply.

We aim to be a trusted financial partner for Irish homebuilders, helping deliver thousands of new homes for Ireland.


Cullaun Capital is a new provider of development finance for homebuilders that will facilitate and accelerate the building of new homes in Ireland to help address Ireland’s housing shortage.

Pent up demand over recent years, coupled with the fact that a significant number of developers exited the market, has left a widening gap between the number of people seeking new homes and their availability. In addition to this, Ireland currently has one of the highest population growth rates in the EU.

The number of new homes being built needs to increase dramatically in the coming years in order to restore access to sensibly priced accommodation for all those that need it, and Cullaun Capital will be working with developers as they recommence substantial levels of building.

Our experience and financial strength puts us in a very strong position to help developers in the Irish property market who are contributing to a solution for a key social and economic issue.

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